Rovio Japan held a clay sculpture lesson for kids in Tokyo

In Japan, a lot of various homework are imposed on children in summer vacation by a school, In them, there is the homework to make a handmade work. Therefore Rovio Japan held a new event this month.

It's clay sculpture lesson. They held this in App Bank Shibuya of the smartphone goods shop on August 9 and 10. In other words, children can complete one of the homework of the summer vacation by participating in this. This is a good idea to get a viral effect in the school(or kids community). Leevi Lankinen of the sculptor came in Tokyo from the Rovio head office for this event.

Photos via Rovio Japan's Twitter

Participants seemed to enjoy an event. Rovio Japan held an illustration event for children to collaboration with Puzzle and Dragons in last November.

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They continue holding original events from now on in Japan, and hold the music event with KORG on August 31.

The Japanese site of Angry Birds is here.

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