Rovio held a drawing event of Angry Birds in Tokyo and it was popular among kids

On November 23 and 24th, Rovio Japan held drawing event of Angry Birds in App Bank Store Shinjuku.

Cute banners! App Bank Store is the iOS goods shop where is popular in Japan recently. They sell the fancy goods of popular smartphone games.

By the event, Rovio art director Toni Kysenius taught how to draw Angry Birds. It was held four times per day and full in all times.

Surprisingly kids and their parents occupied most of seats. Besides, they knew the names of characters properly. To be frank, I was surprised at this. Unfortunately Angry Birds is not very well known and not the popularity in Japan. The ranking order are low, and there are few kinds of goods sold in stores. However, children knew Angry Birds. Where would they know Angry Birds? It is necessary to research in this more.

The left person is the staff of App Bank Store and Right Red Bird head is Rovio Japan Boss Antti Sonninen :) He was in charge of an interpreter.

The explanation of Toni Kysenius was very plain and Children seemed to enjoy it.

The reproduction poster of the watercolor of Toni Kysenius was presented to participants of the event.

I think that this event was timely. Because of a period of the cross-promotion with Puzzle and Dragons, furthermore, it was just after the illustration contest with them. This would become the good memory for kids above all.

By the way, Soon after cross promotion with Puzzle and Dragons started, the ranking in Japan of Angry Birds Free rose from lower than 400th place to the 20th place. This is Puzzle and Dragons effect.

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