[Photo report] Angry Birds exhibition in Ginza Sony building

September 17 - October 30, an exhibition of The Angry Birds Movie was held in Sony Building of Ginza, Tokyo.

Unfortunately Angry Birds does not get popularity in Japan, and it is important that such an event is held for promotion.

For this exhibition, rough sketchs of characters by artists were displayed on 18 meters display wall.

The photo booth which reproduced the scene of the movie.

This is the attraction that can experience a slingshot artificially.

A sense of touch presentation technology of Sony is used for this. When visitors sprawl on the table having a vibration device and put on headphones, they can do simulated experience in Red flying by a slingshot. The movie which reproduced a viewpoint of Red was projected on the huge LED display. It was not VR, but children enjoyed it very much.

This was an event for children, but there were many visitors of adults, too. Furthermore, some foreign tourists came. Would such exhibition be held in other countries?

The Angry Birds Movie Japanese website

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