Stylish washing machine of the palmtop size

Are these cosmetics? No, these are washing machines. Sharp announced that they released supersonic wave washing machine UW-A1 of the palmtop type to wash off the partial dirts of clothing on September 15. The price is an open price.

A characteristic of this is to wash off the partial dirts that it is difficult to wash it off by general washing machines in supersonic detergency of ultrasonically vibrated about 38,000 times per second quickly. Users soak clothing into water, only trace dirty parts and can wash them off. For example, users can wash the sebum dirt of the Y neckband in approximately one minute. Because this is a rechargeable cordless specification, we can use it at trips and restaurant easily. The size of this is 40mm *40mm *168mm, weight is about 200g and it is available by 5-hour charge for 30 minutes. Color variations are silver, pink, and gold.

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