Wearable air-conditioner which controls sweat

Japan is already summer. Temperature and the humidity rise, and people always sweat. In particular, sweat of armpits is very unpleasant. About this problem, Thanko released a simple and smart device "Waki no Shita Kura"(Air-conditioner of the armpit)".

This is a mini fan that clips on to shirt sleeve and delivers cool air to keep armpits of users dry. Because its weight is only 30g and it does not slip off from shirt sleeve. This works by two AAA batteries for five to nine hours, and users can plugging the included 35cm USB cord into own PC, USB outlet or a battery pack of selling separately also. The price is 1,980 yen(in tax) for a single unit, and 3,800yen(in tax) for a set of two.

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