Remote controller which opens curtains

Sunlight has power to control the sleep hormone of people and let their body wake easily. Therefore it is ideal that we wake by sunlight, but it is unsafe to sleep with opening curtains and the sunrise is too early in the summer. "mornin'", the gadget which is attached to curtain rails and its mobile application opens curtains at the time when users want to get up.

When users perform pairing of this and their smartphone by Bluetooth and set time from application, mornin' opens curtains automatically. Users can change the time to set it at every day. For example, every morning of weekdays is 7:00 or and weekend and a holiday is 10:00. Because users can operate four mornin' from one smartphone, they can use them in whole family. The size of this is 56mm *97mm *41mm, weight is 67g, and work with three alkali AA size battery for approximately five months. In addition, this was released on July 13, and 1,000 for the first shipment were sold out slightly in a day. The price is 3,985yen(tax-included).

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