Germany's Wooga released the Japanese original mobile game "Sumikkogurashi -Puzzle wo Surundesu"

German mobile game company Wooga released cute Japan's original mobile game this month. The title is "Sumikkogurashi -Puzzle wo Surundesu(すみっコぐらし ~パズルをするんです~)", and this is IP game using characters of Japanese stationery company San-X.

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This is simple match-4 puzzle game. Players move puzzle panels to vertical, horizontal and diagonal, prepare same characters more than four and put them out. However, the puzzle is not so important in this game. This intends for fans of characters, and they can see the new illustrations and animation of characters by puzzles.

Whenever players achieve constant levels, short animes appears.

In addition, players can collect pieces of illustrations when they clear levels. They are recorded in an picture album.

Furthermore, new characters appear when players achieve various quests.

Well, this is a game to collect something cute. Wooga released this on July 19 and passed 300,000 downloading on July 22. It may be said that it is a good start.

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