Angry Birds found a license agent in Japan at last

Sony Creative Products, the subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment and dealt with the license business of characters became the license agent of Angry Birds in Japan.

Unfortunately Angry Birds did not yet get popularity in Japan and did not have Japan's original license agent so far. When overseas companies conduct a business in Japan, the local partner is essential. In particular, in the character business and the game business, Japan has many rivals for them.

Sony Creative Products performs brand Building of Angry Birds such as marketing, promotion, the holding of events, the inflection of media, goods development and the sale from January, 2016. In addition, they show The Angry Birds Movie in Japan in the autumn of 2016. This is serious decision, too. In Japan, even the movies which made a hit abroad are not often shown. As for such the movies, only DVD is released quietly( and such the examples are called "DVD through" by Japanese movie fans). What does this mean? Sony Creative Products must raise recognition of Angry Birds in Japan by next autumn.

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