Disney TSUM TSUM became Makizushi(Roll Sushi)

Japan Deco Sishi Association(日本デコ寿司協会) published Makizushi(巻き寿司 means Roll Sushi in Japanese) recipe book of mobile game of Disney and LINE "LINE: Disney TSUM TSUM".

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Deco Sishi is Makizushi with decorativeness, and flowers, animals and characters are chosen as those motifs well. Japan Deco Sishi Association began activity for the spread of decorative Makizushi in December, 2012. They develop recipes and designs to enjoy Makizushi in modern families, bring up instructors, and send information to the foreign countries. Deco Sishi recipes of LINE: Disney TSUM TSUM was developed with Disney's license. 30 kinds of recipes are placed in this book. They hold the workshops with the publication of this.

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