Level-5 and Dentsu establish a joint company and sell Yo-Kai Watch in a global market

Japanese game company Level-5 and advertising agency Dentsu established joint company "LEVEL-5 abby Inc." to sell Level-5's contents to the global market. Their first work is to sell Yo-Kai Watch in the United States. Company location is California Santa Monica, CEO is Akihiro Hino(He is also CEO of LEVEL-5), as for the stocks constitution, Level-5 is 51% and Dentsu 49%.

 "abby" is a compound coined word. "a" comes from "all" and "anything", and "bby" comes from "hobby". They wrestle the global market using the cross-media strategy that LEVEL-5 is good at. In the beginning, They develop Yo-Kai Watch, Little Battlers Experience, and Snack World(Their latest project) in various forms such as the anime, toys, comics, music, and the show in the Western countries.

In addition, they begin broadcast of the anime series of Yo-Kai Watch on October 5 in Disney XD.

In this anime, all the texts become the alphabet notation, american voice actors perform and the names of some characters are changed to the English name. For example, Keita Amano of the leading role becomes "Nathan Adams". Following this, they start broadcast of anime on October 10 in Canada, publish the Manga series from VIZ Media on November 3, release games for Nintendo 3DS on November 6, and release toys from Hasbro on Winter of 2016. They push forward projects steadily for a holiday season.

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