The masterpiece of the ukiyoe of Sharaku can reappear by Excel

I wrote it about the elderly person drawing cool pictures by Excel before.

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Japanese old man draws a splendid picture by Excel

The awesome Excel artist appeared in Japan again recently. Japanese artist Kubota showed video which copied the masterpiece of the ukiyoe(浮世絵) of Sharaku(写楽) by Excel in Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga.

Original: Otani Oniji III in the Role of the Servant Edobei(三代目大谷鬼次の奴江戸兵衛), 1794

A white oval appeared first, eyes were drawn next, And as various figures were repeated, an masterpiece appeared. She shows know-how of how to describe using Excel on her website. Originally, a word "Ukiyo(浮世)" of Ukiyoe meant modernness or modernistic in Japanese. (Ukiyo(浮世) = modernness or modernistic / e(絵) = Picture, Illustration or Drawing)

This is right a modernistic picture!

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