The chef of the soba restaurant of Okinawa cooked dessert of Ingress

Japanese players of Ingress seem to do interesting play a bit than players of other countries.

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This chef of soba restaurant is the one of them, too. The Chef owner of Komehati soba(米八そば) of a Soba restaurant in Okinawa has become crazy about Ingress. Therefore he cooked the dessert which reproduced portal of Ingress. the name is "Ingress Zenzai(Ingressぜんざい)".

Zenzai is a traditional Japanese dessert. It is a sweet porridge of Azuki beans boiled and served in a bowl with shiratama-dango(白玉団子: Japanese dumpling).

He said, "shiratama may look like a power cube".

He rode shaved ice on Zenzai and expressed portal. Originally this type of Zenzai was popular dessert of Okinawa as ice Zenzai(氷ぜんざい). Okinawa is a prefecture of the everlasting summer by the only tropical climate in Japan. So the people like cold desserts. He expressed Resistance and Enlightened by color syrup. This is 300 yen each, but is not included on the official menu. However, you can order it for the staff.

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