You can go to sleep with your head on Unity-chan's lap, but it's VR

I wrote about an original action for Japanese users of Unity Japan the other day.

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Maybe, it succeeds. Japanese application developer Up-Frontier developed interesting virtual reality contents using Oculus Rift and Unity-Chan, the original character data of Unity Japan.

This is it.

At first, wear Oculus Rift...

Then the scenery such as the park appears, and Unity-chan comes up next to oneself.

When you put a head on the lap shaped cushion. Your viewpoint follows it, and you can get the sense that has Unity-chan do Hizamakura(膝枕: pillow one's head on somebody's lap).

Furthermore, Unity-chan moves, talks and changes expressions. It's right virtual reality. They show the demo version of this for free. However, unfortunately it is only windows. Downloading is here.

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