[From Finland to Japan] Supercell starts advertising Clash of Clans on Japanese TV

Supercell advertised Clash of Clans in Shibuya,Tokyo in April.

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They attack Japanese TV, too. They produced an original TV commercials in Japan and broadcast them from June 1.

In Japan, TV commercials are still important ad tools and many Japanese mobile games utilize it. When they get about 1~5 million users, they broadcast  TV commercials, and they get more users triggered by it. King is the first foreign mobile game company in Japan that is launching a TV commercials.

The new version that is broadcasted now

Gouta Watanabe of the actor appears for tClash of Clans' first two TV commercials. He plays with characters reproduced in full 3DCG.

Supercell performs further advertisements in Japan from now on. They develop a large-scale advertisements at Yamanote Line, Seibu Railway and around Osaka Umeda Station from June ~ July.

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