DeNA released Japanese Manga apps for a global market

Today, DeNA released free Manga apps "Manga Box"  for the expansion of a new mobile entertainment domain.



Manga Box is weekly comic magazine apps that we can read a serialization comic free. Current issues are updated on every Wednesday. DeNA cooperate with Japanese major publishing companies(ex kodansha and Shogakukan), and publishes 28 spin-off works of popular comics from the first issue. Furthermore, they cooperate with Dentsu, the Japanese major advertising agency and think about carrying out multimedia development positively.

Interestingly, they release both Japanese version and English version from a beginning. Furthermore, they release it for 140 countries including Asia, South America, North America and Europe. This is very rare by the Japanese e-book apps. Well, Japanese are very weak in an overseas advance :P Know-how of their social game publication is made use of in this.

Unfortunately GREE and Mobage are gradually losing power in the Japanese social game industry. Therefore DeNA makes efforts in the business except the social game rapidly recently. Manga Box is the part, too.

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