Nameko fair of winter in Tokyo station

Until December 8, a fair of Nameko Saibai Kit is held at a underground shopping area of Tokyo Station. There was a battlefield of Nameko fans! :D

Every Nameko goods were sold, and they were bought in an instant by fans. Particularly, the stuffed toys of 1,260 yen were very popular, and staff were very busy to supplement them.

A commemorative stamp of Nameko fair.

A popularity vote of Nameko. In released Nameko Saibai Kit apps, Nameko more than 300 kinds was born until now. Who will a popular Nameko be in them most? According to Nameko official site, 5,000 votes or more gathered only at the first day.

Anime DVD of Nameko is released next month.

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Japanese popular mobile apps character Nameko becomes the Anime at last

In Nameko Fair, a part of the episode was shown. It's very cuuuute! Nameko do not speak all lines, but express feelings only by a motion. This is an original animation. Furthermore, the goods of Nameko anime have been already made.

Cardboard Nameko is evangelist of Nameko world. He continues transmit charm of Nameko day after day (actually, he is the staff of Beeworks, the developer of the Nameko Saibai Kit series).

The goods which I bought. A stuffed toy and a picture book. The girl who became 3 years old of my relative was Nameko freak and she mastered how to use Android phone in Nameko! I intend to present these to her.

Nameko Saibai Kit series is smartphone game apps most popular in Japan. They break through 40 million downloading and are more popular now in Taiwan than Japan. In addition, the number of the downloading increases in Korea and China. They held a meeting event of Nameko in Takao, Taiwan on November 23 and 24.

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