[TGS 2013] Voltage in Otome Game Area(area of games for women)

Tokyo Game Show of this year made a lot of new exhibition areas. In them, Otome Game Area was very interesting. "Otome" means a young girl in Japanese. Well, this is an area of games for women(most are dating sim for women).

Japanese smartphone game developer Voltage exhibited in a cute booth.

It is totally like accessories shop and the miscellaneous goods shop! I have not watched the booth of such a style in conventional Tokyo Game Show. We were able to play 6 smartphones apps of dating sin for women including works for foreign countries here. Of course all players were women.

In addition, they decorated smartphones for plays.

Usually, nobody pays attention to the backside of the smartphone for plays! :D They were particular about "for women" thoroughly.

Furthermore, they prepared special service.

There are a lot of booth babes in a booth in Tokyo Game Show. However, there were booth boys in their booth. This was a blind spot. Why weren't there booth boys until now in Tokyo Game Show? This is very unfair for women. If there are booth babes, there should also be booth boys.
Of course they were very popular with women and photographed much.

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