Sea fight simulation game Kan Colle opens a cafe in Akihabara

I wrote it about simulation game Kan Colle which personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy of WW II to cute girls.

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"Kan Colle" --- simulation game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy as girls

Its popularity still soars, and broke through 1 million users. Because half or more are active users, server enlargement does not yet catch up with it. The "real" business of Kan Colle continues increasing as if it is its substitute. they announced that they opened time-limited cafe MAMIYA(甘味処間宮) in Akihabara.

The "MAMIYA" was a food supply ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and become a character in Kan Colle.

Opening period is from October 16 ~ December 15. During this period, various original menus in connection with Kan Colle are contributed to visitors. Furthermore, the original goods are sold, too. It is sure to get the large prosperity.

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