I'm envious of a Taiwanese!: Japanese smartphone apps character Nameko multiplies in Taiwan

The mobile game character which is the most popular in Japan is Nameko from Nameko Saibai Kit(Mushroom Garden) series. However, they are popular in not only Japan but also Taiwan. The Seven-Eleven Taiwan branch office of the convenience store sells Nameko products of the Taiwanese original products. Of course this is official. They put it together in a Halloween season, and the tie-up of their mascot character Open! and Nameko reaches, too. Kawaii!

via http://www.openopen.com.tw/event1/13open/13opennamepara.html

We can check the Taiwanese Seven-Eleven here(article is Chinese). According to the rumor, Nameko is more popular than Japan in Taiwan. The downloading rate of the Nameko Saibai Kit series in the population is higher than Japan. And Taiwan's original Nameko events are held. The Taiwanese local railroad operates even Nameko train! My Taiwanese friend said, "Angry Birds? I already got tired of it. Nameko is Best!"

I am envious of a Taiwanese. I want to go to Taiwan to buy Taiwanese goods of Nameko.

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