Japanese weird smartphone game "Alpaca Nisan" broke through 4M downloading from release in 3 months

Alpaca Nisan is the smartphone game that is the most weird and bizarre in Japan now.(iOS/Android) However, it broke through 4M downloading from release in 3 months by word-of-mouth.

What kind of game is Alpaca Nisan? It is very difficult to explain it. It may be a creature growing SLG game.

This is a start screen of the games. Some of alpacas appear in the ranch at first. However, when we tap a screen …

One alpaca attacks the other alpacas suddenly and begins to eat them. Well, the main work of this game is cannibalism.

To the alpaca which ate other alpacas, strange mutation happens in sequence.

There are innumerable patterns of the mutation, and the ending has 3 patterns. We can enjoy(?) those differences whenever we play this.

Many people say, "Weird", "Ugly", "We must never play this alone at night". On the other hand, there are the people saying "Kimokawaii(Grotes-Cute)". Anyway, this became the topic. And developer COCOSOLA of this starts the merchandise development of Alpaca Nisan.

Do you want these goods?

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