Copy of the Puzzle & Dragons? However, Puyo puyo Quest is popular in Japan

SEGA's smartphone game subsidiary SEGA networks released social game Puyo puyo Quest for iOS. It broke through 1 million downloading from release in 10 days.

Well..., You would think "This is Puzzle & Dragons!". Of course many Japanese of game clusters think so, too. SEGA networks announced the information of Puyo puyo Quest progressively before released it. And it was under fire. Many people blamed that SEGA ripped off Puzzle & Dragons. However, it broke through 500,000 downloading from release in 3 days and broke through 1 million downloading in 10 days.

Why? I think that it is the result of the brand power of Puyo puyo. Puyo puyo is a Japanese puzzle game of the 23rd from release in this year. Video game, arcade, PC, online, mobile etc ... It has been published in every platform. There are not the people who do not know Puyo puyo in Japanese gamers. On the other hand, Puzzle & Dragons was a totally new game. Puyo puyo Quest surely resembles Puzzle & Dragons. However, Puyo puyo is Puyo puyo.

In addition, SEGA networks releases the Android version of Puyo puyo Quest in a few days.

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