GREE propels the character business of their social games

To be frank, the growth of the social game market is slowing down in Japan.   Therefore GREE advances for the next step. Clinoppe is the cute pet game which GREE developed, and they make this an TV anime.

Clinoppe is a social game that bring up small mysterious creature "Clinoppe" that discovered in the Indian mountain. It is popular with women of 20-30 generations. This TV anime expresses the daily life of a young woman of the office worker and  Clinoppe. It adds original elements to it while assuming a social game a subject.

In addition, the subsidiary GREE entertainment products of GREE release goods of Clinoppe.
They sell 32 kinds of Clinoppe goods from next month and develop a prize at a game arcade. Goods site is here.

This business is already classic in Japan. It is Nameko Saibai Kit series and LINE recently to hold profit below it most. And characters of a round shape are popular in Japan. I think that the goods of Clinoppe may become popular.

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