LINE broke through 100 million users, and Snoop Dogg enjoys LINE

Today is a memorable day for the Japanese IT industry. Because messaging apps LINE of NHN Japan broke through 100 million users.

They achieved this in only 1 and a half years. Japanese IT services has not succeeded in this way until now in a global market. Besides, they grow up faster than Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

LINE is popular in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America and Spain. They aim at North America and the European market from now on.

Then,  a American Hip Hop artist enjoys LINE very much. The person is Snoop Dogg. He has begun to use LINE from November of the last year. And he posts funny photos to fans frequently.

He seems to like LINE and LINE Camera!:D And he just released official LINE stamp. It's free of charge!

The user of the artist like him will big help of North America market advance of LINE.

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