Japanese girl gives love to a lover by 3D scanner, 3D printer and chocolate

The manners and customs of Valentine's Day in Japan are strange. In Japan, women give chocolate to a sweetheart on St Valentine's Day. Probably, the sweets company thought of it for business. However, it has completely rooted in Japan.

Then, cafe "FabCafe" in Shibuya which has a laser cutter and 3D printer will hold an interesting workshop in February. Only a woman can participate in it.

Well, it is an event which makes the own face chocolate using 3D scanner and 3D printer.

The example of "3D Photo booth" which made own figure with 3D scanner and 3D printer existed until now. However, as for the example which uses chocolate as a material, this will be the first. This workshop is two days, and the tuition is 6,000 yen(about 67.7 USD). It costs time and money. However, this is very popular, and a reservation has been buried immediately.

Do you want the chocolate of a sweetheart's face?

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